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Less Than 1K Followers

"Graff’s skills are amplified tenfold by sheer passion and love..." 

Skope Magazine

"'Prism' shows off Martin Graff’s uncanny ability to sculpt an entire aural universe—one that feels all-consuming..." 

Sleeping Bag Studios

"A stellar voyage through sonic reflections of light in the dark..." 

Beach Sloth

"'Sativa' has a stately presence to it, for Martin Graff’s galloping chords and delicate gestures result in a fully immersive world, lyrical without needing to say a single word..." 

Andrew Jervis

"Martin Graff is a pianist and composer who is exceptionally talented at creating music that defies the usual expectations..."

Randall Radic

"Martin Graff’s music is pure beauty... a superlative work of art." 

Jennifer Munoz

"You can’t help but be impressed by the rich depth of musicality he invokes in a relatively short amount of time. Trips for Piano promises to deliver..."

Llewelyn Screen

"With a calming ambiance and featuring a wizard-like level of genius proportions, Graff's remarkable style picks up your bad mood to flip it around and brings you back into a much happier space in the world, where you may feel so much more satisfied with life..." 

Paul Barsom

"Trips for Piano is a one-way, one-stop pilgrimage home. Like heaven is supposed to be..."

Ken M (Ken Mccarthy)

"Trips for Piano is a strikingly unfettered exploration into one’s secret inner life..."

Madona Tyler Leblanc

"Trips for Piano is an extraordinary act of creating a vacation out of a blank page..."

Steven Herbert Smith

"Trips for Piano is an ambitious, full-length set of piano pieces exploring musical moods..."

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