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"Graff’s skills are amplified tenfold by sheer passion and love..." 

Martin Graff’s newest piece, “Window Rain,” invites you to take a timeout and enjoy a serene moment with piano melodies following raindrops on the window. This single piece saw its first light at the end of October and shows the beauty and depth in simple moments, described using one of the most tranquil language – that of the piano.

Arlington-VA-based pianist-composer Martin Graff has an everlasting connection with his instrument, the piano. “Window Rain” is the latest to come from this link of creative passion, and it stands as a strong testament to how Graff’s skills are amplified tenfold by sheer passion and love. This has resulted in a piece that is highly enjoyable to listen to and keeps great musical company, especially on rainy days.

Short yet delightful, “Window Rain” uses shimmering high notes to embody the swelling and receding of the rain, and combines them with moody, stronger chords that paint a vivid atmosphere, allowing those rainy emotions to spring to life. This piece, whilst providing lots of fresh air, stays on the warm side, as if it’s describing a burst of rainfall in the season of summer. One that would nurture the landscape it falls on, and heavy enough for a person to shelter from and enjoy the scene from the comfy dry spot indoors, raindrops falling on the windows.

Graff’s composing and playing style evokes pondering emotions and embracing wonder. Imagery that may be small and likely overlooked by a busy person, gains full-bodied, passionate attention. From the swell of rain and fresh scent in the air in “Window Rain” to the rediscovery of power in creativity in Graff’s previous release, Trips for Piano, expect attention to the minute detail composed into descriptive, almost cinematic instrumental themes.

—Jpgchief, November, 2023

Jpgchief is the music content curator running the blog Less Than 1,000 Followers based in Mexico.

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