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Life, Love, Loss, & Everything Else

Venue (directions, parking, and more): FHV Community Center

If you missed us in 2022, here’s a second chance to experience what the hype is all about!


The Face Zone: Surreal Daydreams to Trip Your Imagination…

Martin Graff performs his solo, multimedia spoken-word act of poetic-prose vignettes with matching artwork about every topic from the stigma of liking scrapple to the meaning of life. What connects the pieces is that they each start with a projected image of a face—human, animal, alien, abstract—to prompt reaction and thought, and to act as a catalyst for the material that follows. The show is punctuated by original piano compositions from his album Trips for Piano to further deepen the experience. Graff’s imaginative humor, insightful commentary, unconventional artwork, and compelling music offer a uniquely engaging respite that cuts through the noise of our information-age lives with concise, essential truths certain to entertain and inspire lasting reflection.


Get Me Home: A Travel Opera in Three Acts  

Music and libretto by Neal Learner

Maxine T. Heart lives overseas but needs to get back to America immediately. Her beloved father is hovering between life and death after being hit on the head by a falling tree branch while riding his bike. Maxine has bought her ticket and is ready to jump on the plane. There’s only one problem: in her shock at the family news, she gave the foreign travel agent her nickname, rather than full name, and failed to clearly enunciate her “ts” and “ds.” On her passport, she’s “Maxine T. Heart.” But on her ticket, she’s “Max D. Heard.” Problems ensue.

Director: Ruben Vellekoop

Cast: Neal Learner, Cathy McCoskey, Marissa Papatola, and Eric Yeh

Accompanist: Paige Rammelkamp


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